6th September 2016

Healthy Hearts lends its support to Love Bradford event

Bradford’s innovative Healthy Hearts campaign is lending its support to the district’s heart-warming world record breaking attempt in September.

The #LoveBradford event in City Park on 15 September is a world record attempt to create the longest chain of people making heart-shaped hand gestures – and raise money for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal at the same time.

NHS Bradford Districts Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is getting involved by sponsoring the event and giving it a healthy twist by encouraging adults to get their blood pressure checked to cut their risk of stroke.

Bradford has one of the worst death rates from heart disease in England; that’s why one of the CCG’s main priorities is to reduce the number of deaths caused by heart attack and stroke.

Its Healthy Hearts campaign has already potentially prevented 131 heart attacks and 74 strokes, helped over 6,000 patients to switch statins and reduce their cholesterol risk, and started 1,000 patients with irregular heartbeats on blood clotting prevention medication.

With over 40,000 people diagnosed with high blood pressure and an estimated 50,000 more people with undiagnosed high blood pressure in Bradford, the CCG will use the #LoveBradford day to launch a new campaign to know their blood pressure numbers.

The condition often has no symptoms, but two or more readings of 140/90 or over means that someone has high blood pressure and needs to see their doctor. Sustained high blood pressure can damage the heart and increase the risk of stroke.

Dr Chris Harris, long-term conditions lead at the CCG, said he was delighted that the CCG was going to be involved in #Love Bradford.

“This will be a real celebration of everything good about the district and a chance for people to come together in a fun and very positive way,” said Dr Harris. “Bradford’s Healthy Hearts fits very well with this event and launching our blood pressure campaign there is a great way of getting across a serious health message which could help thousands of people.

“GPs in Bradford are pulling out all the stops to reduce the number of people suffering from cardiovascular disease, and getting more people to have their blood pressure checked – by a practice nurse, pharmacist or using a home blood pressure monitor – could further reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.”

The CCG’s sponsorship will add even more atmosphere to #LoveBradford with Pulse 1 Radio’s promotion team and DJ getting the world record attempt started and keeping the party going with heart-themed music and giveaways.

GP practice nurses will also be offering free blood pressure checks on the day.

The #LoveBradford event has been organised by Bradford Council in a celebration of the district. The fun will start from 11 with official registration starting at 12.15pm and the world record attempt at 1pm. For more information about the event and to register visit